My 9 Year Old Converts Better Than…

kids_sales…most of us really.

If you have kids, you know as well as I do that Kids are some of the best negotiators and sales folks around.

Here’s why:

1) The word “No” is just an opening position not a finality. I wish more of us did this. I realized the other day that my son has an innate drive to start at no, find my objections and start building a case for the sale. Albeit it might be staying up later, you gotta give those kids credit. No means nothing to them, it is literally the point at which they start not end. If more small businesses owners realized that you are going to get a “No”. The question is why. Does your message not resonate with them? Have you handled their objections in your marketing and sales material in advance?

Many times we don’t dive deeper into the why we aren’t converting and getting the No in the first place. You will be well served to follow the kids on this one and use “No” as a starting point in assessing your prospects objections and how your marketing is addressing them on the way to yes.

2) Kids form coalitions in their sales efforts. If you have ever had the kids around grandparents you know exactly what I am talking about. Or even siblings for that matter. This is a truly brilliant tactic that all business owners should use. By leveraging internal contacts at your prospects organization and building coalitions you are setting yourself up for the sale. This is often used against me when both of my boys work in unison to “close the deal”. It’s a powerful tactic those kids use, you may want to consider it.

3) Persistence. This one is often overlooked but extremely important. Kids use this as a default MO. How many times has your son or daughter asked the same question 5 different ways hoping there will beĀ  a different result? Yep, again they are sales masters.

The point here is that if you are sending out one time marketing blasts and wondering why you aren’t getting results remember the kids here. You need a marketing and sales system that is persistence, educational, and somewhat automated.

Learn a little from the little one’s here and let’s prosper this year.


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