If I Get One More Useless Tweet! I'm Gonna…

bull-horn_tweetDo you find yourself wading through useless tweets on a daily basis? Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Social Media believer, but sometimes I think I think all we have done is given a bull horn to a bunch of folks who don’t understand the foundations of marketing. They are bypassing the fundamental’s of getting a prospect to “Know You”, and are thinking immediately of themselves and what THEY GET, not the value they are providing. As a small business owner, you can’t just go out there using these new Social Media tools yelling, “HEY I HAVE THE BEST WIDGET”.

Your prospects want to get to know you. After they know and like you, then you move to trusting you. At that point, you are safe to make an offer because you have some trust built up. Take an inventory, and understand what problem your prospect is trying to solve. Then, understand what information you can provide related to your product or service that adds VALUE to their day. Then TWEET about it…Pretty easy right?

I am wrapping up a book about one of the greatest Advertising copywriters of all time, Claude Hopkins. A quote in his book “My Life In Advertising” hit a chord…

People will do anything to cure a trouble. But they will do little to prevent it.

As part of your small business marketing and social media marketing system, add some value. Understand your prospects problems and you are sure to see solid leads start flowing into your small business no matter what tactic you decide to use.


Go Target, Attack, and Profit!


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