Twitter As A Lasso?

twitter_lassoYep, that’s right a Lasso…

What’s a Lasso for anyways? You got it, rounding up your herd. Or in marketing terms, turning “suspects” into prospects that tune into your channel and start getting to know you as you gain their trust.

Ok, so what’s the relationship with Twitter?

Here you go…

Twitter as a Social Media tool is an effective means to find “suspects” across the globe that are interested in what you have to say. You can go to and in seconds find people that might have an interest or are currently looking for advice in your area of expertise.

Or, you can find thought leaders in your market and start a conversation with their followers. Here’s where the Lasso comes in…

It isn’t enough to just find them and start a communication on Twitter. Or add them to your list of followers for that matter…

You need to bring them into your “herd”. Get them on your newsletter list and bring them into the private conversations you are having with your customers and prospects. Twitter is an excellent and efficient tool for list building. Start building the trust, then move them into your herd. Throw a free offer out there, listen to their needs, and respond with something valuable they can’t ignore.

So next time you get on Twitter. Start thinking more strategically how you can move your followers from your followers list to your email list. Then from your email list to your customer list…

Now Go Target, Attack, and Profit!


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