Social Media: Strategy or Tactic?

As a small business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard the social media buzz. Is this the latest “shiny object”, or does social media really have legs for marketing your business? Over the next few days, I will be addressing social media as both a strategy and a tactic. In Duct Tape Marketing land, you will commonly hear us talking about “Strategy before Tactics”. With social media this couldn’t be more true. There are literally hundreds of platforms labeled “social media”. Selecting the right approach for your business is critical to your success…and your sanity!

I firmly believe that social media needs to be a core component of your 2010 marketing tool belt and overall Marketing strategy. Your business requires a marketing system, and as part of that a social media system that defines the daily, weekly, and monthly social media “tactics’ you implement to get suspects and prospects to “know, like, and trust” you.

Let’s start with the basics…

social_media_marketingWhat exactly is Social Media? The most concise explanation I have seen comes from the Social Media Pro program created by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing University.
The hierarchy outlines the key components of your Social Media system.

Let’s dive in…

Blogging is the foundation of your social media system and strategy. Writing, reading, and commenting on blogs is critical to a successful to a social media platform. The next step is to aggregate content using RSS technology to re-purpose and re-publish content that adds value to your prospects. Stepping up to the next layer in the pyramid, social search allows small businesses to manage their reputation online for local search with Yahoo and Google. Leveraging social search can get your business on the map when customers search for your products and services. The next layer is Social Bookmarking. Content is king on the Internet. By tagging relevant content you can open up new channels to your own content, as well become a subject matter expert in your field. Social networking is near the top of the hierarchy. Connecting to others on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you build trust with prospects and customers. The transparency and ability to add personality to your product or service is a powerful tool in your marketing system. Don’t get overwhelmed right away. Get started and leverage one platform and start connecting with others. At the top of the pyramid we have micro blogging (Twitter and other services). This is probably one of the most complex tools, but also one of the most powerful as part of your social media tool belt.

Watch for upcoming articles and free webinars we will be offering on social media for small business.

Go Target, Attack, and Profit!


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