3 Tips To Kick Start Your Blog

Do you sit down and stare at your blog admin panel not sure where to start? Or, do you delay and procrastinate writing your blog because you just can’t come up with any original idea?

Let me give you a few tips to kick start the process, and hopefully make it a little easier to come up with content ideas for your blog.

Here are the three (3) tips:

1) Search.Twitter.com – If you haven’t used Search Twitter, you are missing out on a whole list of potential topics for your blog. Here’s what I want you to do…go to search Twitter and enter keywords related to your product or service. Spend about 15-30 minutes and start looking for problems people are having related to your product or service. Start writing down ideas by reading their short posts as the start of your list. You will start seeing a trend. More than likely you will come across several “authorities” on  your subject matter expertise. I suggest you start following them to get consistent ideas for your blog.

2) Yahoo Answers – This is a secret weapon if you use it right. Go to answers.yahoo.com and start entering keywords related to your product or service. For instance if I was a Piano teacher, I might enter “learn piano”. You need to think the way your prospects think. What would they search for? Enter these keywords. You will start seeing questions and answers to solutions related to your product or service. If you spend 30 minutes on Yahoo Answers I guarantee you will have enough blog post ideas for 1-2 months. Stay focused, and think like your ideal client.

3) Go Digging – At this point, you should be up to a couple months of content. 🙂 Fire up your web browser and go to digg.com. Digg is what is called a Social Bookmarking site. This means that others go and find topics they like, then they “bookmark” it for others to review. Again, start searching for articles related to your product or service. WARNING: Don’t Plagiarize! You can get solid ideas, but please respect others original intellectual property. I can usually get a month’s worth of ideas from Digg alone.

When you combine these methods on a monthly basis, you shouldn’t have any excuse to procrastinate in keeping your blog current. Remember, your Blog is a powerful way to get prospects to know, like, and trust you.

Get out there and…

Target, Attack, and Profit!


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