What Was Old Is New…Again!

Over the last month, I have been playing with some marketing strategies that I wanted to share with you. In doing so, I was looking back at my old marketing “swipe” files and started integrating these “old” concepts into my most recent campaigns. And guess what…They worked just as well as they have over the last 100 years or more.

BTW – If you don’t have a “swipe” file of marketing samples, you need one..

I was going through a book called “Ogilvy On Advertising” and samples of dozens direct mail campaigns that have proven the test of time. The bottom line here is that human nature is human nature, not much has changed there. The thing that has changed is all of the marketing vehicles that we have at our disposal.

So here was my discovery…

The same marketing headlines to catch attention, create interest and desire still work like clockwork. With all of the buzz about online marketing, Facebook, Twitter and the like we often lose sight of the basics. If you are trying to re-create the wheel each and every time you are missing out.

If you want a glimpse into how the “old school” marketers approached lead generation and marketing go pick up a copy of a book called “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins. After reading this book, you will realize that not much as changed.

On to my discovery…

Here’s what I am doing right now to generate leads like never before. First off, I am going back to leveraging Direct Mail. Postcards, letters, and good old fashion print newsletter. I am leveraging proven headlines and good old fashion curiosity.


Instead of having them make a phone call. I am leading them to a web page to leverage video, email opt-in, and leveraging technology to follow-up on a regular basis.

If you are not leveraging offline marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy you are missing out big time. Especially if you are a local business.

Get out there and be interesting. Merge both offline and print with the power and efficiencies of online marketing and you have yourself a winning strategy.

The key here is strategy before tactics. I know I have said this many times, but get clear this year about who you are marketing to and get after it.

Let’s make 2011 our best year yet!


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