The Power Of One

power_of_oneAre you using a laser or a shotgun in your marketing efforts?

Don’t underestimate the power of speaking to one person with your message. Speak to their deepest emotions, desires, pains, needs, and wants. Don’t underestimate the value of singling one single person out in your marketing as if you were sitting in front of them face to face. Create a fictitious “ideal customer”, and pretend you are speaking to that one person in all of your marketing.

Reality check…

Broad and general marketing statements are becoming less and less effective. Especially in Social Media…The ability to connect directly with ONE single person, and address their needs while providing THEM value has never been more effective.

A connection on Facebook, an invite to LinkedIn, a Direct Tweet to a follower on your list. These small, personalized and laser targeted messages will build a raving fan base for your product and service with frightening speed. Connect with each single person and provide them real value. Address their comments in your blog. Survey them. Find out what makes them tick. Why do they use your product or service? Engage them…

People are bored…

Be interesting, stack the value, and communicate to their needs and I guarantee you more revenue, more leads, and more profits as a result. The Power of One!

Go Target, Attack, and Profit!


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