The "1" Sentence That Will Generate More Leads

I recently read about and used a strategy so simple and effective I had to share it…

Quite honestly, it is so good I need to use it more myself and make it a habitual response to a question many small business owners get on a daily or weekly basis.

Especially those of us that are heavy networkers.

Here it is…How many times does someone ask, “How are you?”, or “How is business?”. Quite often I imagine…

How often to you (or I) respond with “Great!”, or “Good”? Too often…

So here’s the small tweak, the one sentence that I have found first hand will generate more leads for your business.

Instead of responding with a simple “Great”, say this:

“Business is very good, but I am always looking for more clients who need <insert your product or service here>…”

Then, have the cards ready or better yet a referral card for them to hand out.

Very simple, Extremely effective.

Let’s make this a habit together.

To your success and prosperity,


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