Process As A USP?

First off, let’s clear up what a USP is…USP stands for “Unique Selling Proposition”, or more easily stated, what makes your business different than your nearest competitor. Why should prospects choose you over your competitors?

As I coach small businesses, many folks stumble trying to come up with what makes them different. They often state that all of their competitors offer the exact same thing. In fact in many cases, businesses just flat copy the marketing from their competitor and change the name of the product or service.

Or even more insane, they start with the price from their competitor then mark it down 10% or more and call it a strategy.CRAZY! I won’t rant too much on this, but many businesses don’t even understand their true cost prior to making this decision…Don’t do it!

Remember, there is always someone out there willing to out of business faster than you. Just don’t let it be YOU…Price isn’t the game you want to play. I know this is easy to say, but I am going to give you a different perspective on providing your product or service, then use that as your USP.

I want you to go through a really quick exercise and write down all of those things that make doing business with you unique. But instead of focusing on price, product, features, or benefits, I want you to focus on your process.

Keep in mind that as you think through this process, you may find gaps. No problem, just write them down.

Start with the first interaction with your prospect during your sales process, then continue through the FIRST interaction with your client, then on to the experience with you after you have just finished the transaction. I want you to get really detailed here.

Pay special attention to all of the details you create as an “experience”. Think about the experience from your prospects perspective. Then look at how you engage with your customers while you are doing business with them.

If you are a carpet cleaner, this might be as small as putting booties over your feet. Or, if you are a Realtor providing a moving truck at no cost to move your customer into their new house.

In my opinion, you can create an experience that is so excellent that your customers will be raving about the “experience” you created. The small things you did as part of your operations process that made doing business with you easier. See how powerful this is?

So here’s your homework…

If you don’t have a process that creates a “Wow” experience for your customers, create one. Start right now and create a simple list of processes you could add one at a time to create this experience. AFter you put them in place, make sure you leverage this in your marketing. Leverage testimonials, and get the word out there that you are DIFFERENT and UNIQUE because your process is different.

If you have to, go experience your competitors service or product then make yours better.

If you are committed to this, you will have an advantage and by the way…

A USP, a true differentiator, and a reason to NOT focus on price and instead focus on the value you are providing for your customers.

To Your Success and Prosperity,


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