Part 2: Put Your Marketing On Auto-Pilot

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this post from yesterday STOP, don’t pass go read it now before you proceed…


1) We have a high level list of follow-up sequences organized by product, service, and target market.

2) We prioritized our list, and focused on ONE and only ONE follow-up sequence that will give us the most bang for the buck.

3) We started our automated marketing system by creating our specific content for each step in our follow sequence. Whether it was an email, post card, newsletter, or other tactic…You sat down and focused on the specific call to action, and you created a message that was consistent throughout the entire campaign.

Here’s where it gets fun…Now we get to leverage technology.

If you don’t have a CRM system right now, you need one. If you are using a CRM system now, you can bolt on any of the tools I am going to mention below and enhance your existing process. It will be a little more sticky as you will have data in two places (which isn’t recommended, but ultimately up to you).

Many of the new tools are built to handle your automated follow-up sequences that let you create a series of steps that can be executed in sequence.

Here’s an example of a simple campaign:

1) User visits your website

2) They sign up for your newsletter

3) Immediately they receive a welcome email with the first newsletter

4) The software sends a request to your printer or mail-house and sends them a thank you postcard

5) Monthly they now receive your newsletter

Now this is just one example, and you can get pretty sophisticated. As you can see, all of that happened without my intervention. It is CRITICAL that you are careful in the “blueprint” phase in creating a rock solid sequence. Remember this is going to happen “auto-magically”.

The power is infinite if you follow the process.

Here are a couple systems I am fond of:

Infusionsoft – A little more expensive but well worth it in the long run. It handles email, fax, voice broadcast, and direct mail.

Ace of Sales – A rising star in my book. It is only $20 per month and let’s you do email, eZine’s, direct mail, and postcards. Very simple, and powerful. Great for smaller businesses.

SendPepper – Very simple as well, handles email and postcards.

Remember, take your time and hammer out one sequence at a time. After you have a few sequences in place, loop back and start adding additional steps.

In many cases you will find that you can loop prospects and customers from one sequence to another, winding them through your maze of offers while you maximize your marketing dollars and increase your profits!

Hopefully you found this helpful! If I can help you, let me know…



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