Part 1: Put Your Marketing On Auto-Pilot

Auto-Pilot and Marketing in the same sentence? Yep, you read that right…

Ok, we can’t automate 100% of your system, but we are going to automate a key piece which is your closed loop follow-up sequences with prospects. The same system will apply to touching customers on a monthly basis as well.

Done right, you should have a marketing system and plan that puts many of your follow-up communications with prospects on complete Auto-Pilot. It really isn’t as hard as you think, but it will take some heavy up front planning…

Let’s dive in…

Warning: If you don’t know who you ideal client is, this might be a little tough but still doable.

We are going to break this into three (3) steps as we get you on your way towards a marketing automation.

Step # 1 – Build Your Blueprint – So, just as every good system and building starts with a solid blueprint so must your automated marketing system. If you don’t understand and map out your follow-up sequences outside of your system you will be looking at a blank screen when it comes to building the system.

So…what I want you to do is write down the steps one by one of each follow-up sequence by product, service, and target. I would separate your follow-up to prospects and customers as two separate channels. At first, we are going to create one sequence for each just to get rolling. Under each one, I want you to create a step by step list of how your follow-up sequence should look including time frames. Forget about how you are going to do this for now. The follow-up should include newsletters, email, direct mail, postcards, phone calls, and basically any other communication method you use to follow-up with prospects and customers.

Keep it simple and just write out step by step. Then, attach a time frame between each activity. So for example, I may start with a Thank You card follow-up after a purchase. Then 3 days later, I follow-up with an email thanking my new client with a promotion.

So now you should have a list of steps for each follow-up sequence with time frames of when you will follow-up. Are you tracking so far…

Step # 2 – Prioritize and Dive Deep – Now that we have our high level list of follow-up sequences, it is time to select ONE and ONLY one to focus our efforts on. Often, I find small business owners take on too much at once and never complete one automated sequence let alone 10. So, pick one and let’s focus on that one for now. Choose an automated sequence that has the opportunity to provide you immediate revenue.

My recommendation is to start with an automated sequence that starts immediately after a customer makes a purchase. It is proven that customers that have just made a purchase are more likely to be consistent with their prior action and make another purchase.

No that you have selected the ONE automated sequence you are going to focus on, let’s dive a little deeper. Now what I want you to is take all of the steps listed from Step #1 and outline the message for each step and focus on the offer. What is the offer and call to action for each step of the sequence. I want you to write this down next to each step. Message with an offer and your call to action. Is this a phone call, visit a website, what do you want them to do?

I see too many businesses that put follow-up sequences in place with no objective or goal with each communication. WHAT A WASTE!

Step # 3 – Build The System – Ok, we have our high level step by step follow-up sequence defined. We have a high level message and call to action. Now it is time to create each step. This includes writing the email, the thank you card, the phone script. Remember your call to action? The key here is to make it flow. Build from one message to the next on your desired action for the prospect. Build demand with each message and give them a reason why…

Tear apart each step and get tactical and create each message as it exists in a sequence, one leading to another.

I promise if you go through this exercise, you will be looking at your follow-up in a whole new light. Getting tactical vs. one off promotions. Remember…only focus on one right now.

Tomorrow I am going to dive deeper into Part 2 which is automating the system further. Do the work above so you are ready to put your system in place…

Now go…Target, Attack, and Profit!

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