86,400 Seconds…

…we all have the same amount of time every single day. 86,400 seconds…

Sounds like a lot more in seconds doesn’t it. The truth is, your competitors have the same amount of time each day. The same amount of time to target your ideal client. The same amount of time to create a targeted marketing system and strategy. The same amount of time to execute and take action.

Is your competition out hustling you?

This topic came up recently when I was meeting with a prospective client. As I analyzed their marketing system, and started doing some research on their competition I realized they were flat out getting their a#$es handed to them. These guys were just out hustling them on multiple fronts…

They realized the economy wasn’t the same. They realized that results don’t come from standing on the sidelines “wishing” they had more leads. It’s a tough reality, but “getting the phone to ring” isn’t a black magic. It is a process of identifying your target, creating a strategy, and more importantly getting stuff done.

I highly recommend a book from David Allen called “Getting Thing Done” or GTD. This system has revolutionized how I get stuff done.

I want to encourage you as a small business owner to get more done and execute more. Make a commitment to your marketing and sales systems.Spend time away from email thinking about your systems, how your staff answers the phone, what’s working and what’s not working. Spend time thinking, and work on your business a little.

To getting more done,


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