3 Quick Referral Marketing Tips

referralMost small business owners survive primarily on referrals. Many don’t even know they have a referral marketing system in place, it just happens.

What if you were to make a conscious effort to add a complete referral marketing system as a part of your overall marketing strategy. The key here is “system”…

That means it is a reproducible process that you can use to over and over to get the desired results you want. More referrals!

Here are a few tactics to add to your referral marketing system, and efforts:

1) Give more referrals – Pretty simple right? Sure is. Leveraging the laws of reciprocity will surprise you. Be on the look out for leads for other businesses, even if they aren’t currently a customer of yours. By giving first, you will be surprised at your results.

2) Give testimonials – If you work with local businesses, and you haven’t given them a testimonial by all means give them one. Proactively at that. By delivering your customer, partner, or prospect a testimonial for their business you create top of mind awareness of yourself and your company.

3) Send An “Ideal Client” letter to partners – Identify a group of 10-20 ideal referral partners for you. Then, create a letter that states you are interested in referring them business. In the letter, create a form that outlines what a perfect referral might be for them. Included in the letter, add your list with all the answers for your ideal client and referral as an example. This technique works!

The key here is that you make this part of your system. Not a one time event, but something you do on a regular schedule. That could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Just do something!



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