Marketing Strategy

If you are a small business, and you really need assistance with your Marketing strategy and planning, we can assist you. Our Marketing strategy is based on the Duct Tape Marketing system. We walk you through targeting your market, creating a plan to differentiate your product and service, and help you create a marketing schedule to execute your plan.

Product Launch Management

If you are in the process of launching a new product or service, we can help. Marketfin has been trained by one of the best product launch gurus alive today. By leveraging both offline and online direct marketing tactics we can deliver results.

Our distinct advantage is our ability to combine multiple direct marketing tactics to have your prospects begging for your product or service. This proven system will put your business head and shoulders above your competition.

Website and Blog Creation

If you need a new website or blog, let our team assist. You need more than a good looking website, you need a website or blog that delivers leads into your business on a monthly basis.

Let our team assist you turn your website into a lead stream for your business.

Email Marketing and Automated Marketing Systems

If you have used email marketing tactics unsuccessfully in the past, we can help. You need a proven system and schedule to reach out to your prospects and customers to drive real revenue into your business. Email marketing is both art and science. If you know the secrets, you will be able to leverage this powerful medium for your business.

Online Campaign Creation and Management

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a viable way to drive qualified leads into your business. Many small business owners don’t leverage this powerful tool because it intimidates them. Or some have tried, and have seen zero results. Let us change that for you. We can help you create powerful, and effective campaigns that drive prospects into your marketing system to sell more of your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Number one rankings on the search engines have proven to be a successful method for lead generation for small businesses. Let us assist you in developing a solid SEO strategy and help you get #1 rankings for terms that lead real buyers to your products and services.

Blog Archives
  • "...very informative Social Media workshop. It will help me not waste time and leverage Social Media for my business."
    Pam Martin, A. Martin & Co.
  • "Matt has helped us achieve and maintain a #1 Google ranking for our market. The result has been more leads for our business."
    Rob Racz, Everett Real Estate
  • "..Great overview of Social Networking for a novice."
    Margy Bresslour, Moving Messages