The Ultimate Marketing System

The Duct Tape Marketing Ultimate Marketing System is a collection of 15 workstation and 15 audio CDs that make up the most complete small business marketing self study program ever created.

Each workbook contains a thorough explanation of one critical small business marketing topic, real-life examples from real small business, forms and the tools required to help you implement the lessons presented.

You can acquire the entire series of workbooks and audios as a set or individually. Complete details and purchasing information can be found at

The Workbooks Include The Following Topics:

  • Target Market—Determining who is your ideal target client and market
  • Differentiate and Dominate—Developing and communicating your core marketing message
  • Give Them An Image—Communicating the complete marketing package
  • The Product Service Package—Developing the marketing hourglass approach
  • Marketing Materials—Developing marketing materials that educate
  • Marketing Story—Make meaning by telling your story
  • Web Site Guide—Small business content based web site and search guide
  • Small Business Advertising—Ever sale starts with a
  • Direct Mail—A targeted small business lead generation machine used direct mail
  • Public Relations—Earn media attention and expert status
  • Referral Marketing—Building a systematic referral marketing machine
  • Optimum Selling System—Turn prospects into client and clients into partners
  • Search Engine Marketing—Generate leads and clients from the Internet
  • Blogging for Business—How to use a blog as a small business marketing tool
  • Marketing Automation—Automate and extend your marketing with technology tools
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  • "...very informative Social Media workshop. It will help me not waste time and leverage Social Media for my business."
    Pam Martin, A. Martin & Co.
  • "Matt has helped us achieve and maintain a #1 Google ranking for our market. The result has been more leads for our business."
    Rob Racz, Everett Real Estate
  • "..Great overview of Social Networking for a novice."
    Margy Bresslour, Moving Messages