Part 2: Riding The Long Tail

Ok, just a quick replay of where we are at with the long tail…

1) You have a list of short one and two phrase keywords that relate to your product or service. (at least the one’s you think are related)

2) You have done a little research online, trying to find a couple keyword phrases that have the “long tail” we are looking for

Ok, that’s a great start so let’s dive deeper.

The whole goal in this process is to find the pockets of online searches for content that are less competitive and you can compete with right out of the gate. So now that we have our short one and two word phrases we can start getting a list of our “long tail” keywords to attack.

Step #1: Use The Google Keyword Tool

The most extensive tool I’ve found with data from “actual” searches is from Google. Of course, seems pretty straight forward. I am going to encourage you right now to go open a Google Adwords account. Go to and sign up. Don’t setup any campaigns, just get an account so we can use the keyword tool. We will move on to Pay Per Click advertising this coming month. Of which, the long tail keywords will help you.

If you don’t want to sign up for an Adwords account, you can use their free Keyword Tool The process will be pretty much the same. So all you are going to do is take the one and two phrase keywords you came up with in part 1 and start plugging them in to the tool. What I usually do is keep a spreadsheet that outlines the “main” keyword, then I branch off to the long tail keywords in a separate column.

This spreadsheet will act as your main keyword list for many online marketing efforts so don’t lose it. Repeat the process, until you have a good solid list of about 50 long tail keywords. Remember these are phrases that are typically 3 or more words in combination like “lead generation consultant Seattle, WA”. Or, “marketing consultant Seattle WA”.

Step #2 – Competitive Research

So now that we have our list of long tail phrases, it’s time to isolate the competition. I am going to give you the free, cheap and dirty route. There are tools that help automate this further but this method works well for just getting started.

The first step is to open up Google. Then, I want you to type each keyword in quotes and do a search. In your spreadsheet, I want you to write down the top 3 domains that are ranked 1,2, and 3. Then I want you to write down the number of competing pages. This is important because it will tell you where you will be able to compete quickly for traffic online.

Ok…take a breath. I know, this is a lot but if you want to get good at online marketing you have to go through the process.

So, now that we have the domain names of the top 3 for each search phrase, I want you to visit these sites. We are now going to do a little online “espionage”.

When you visit their page, I want you to go to web browser and go to VIEW then SOURCE. You will see a page that is a bunch of programming code that makes the website.

What we are interested in is everything at the top of the page between the <META NAME=”keywords” >

These are all the keywords that your competitor is optimizing their website for. So what you are going to do is add any to your list that you didn’t have already. If you focus on your top 5-10 keywords with your process, you will be miles ahead of many in your market.

So go ahead and take some time and do your research. In the next series, I am going to give you some additional ammo on how to use your list of keywords.

As a starter, you will start seeing trends develop in the keywords and phrases. Start outlining those and start including them in your Blog content, in your articles, and other Social Media posts. You will even want to use these keywords in your digital real estate. This includes images, audio, and video…

Have a prosperous week!



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