Your Irrational Prospect and Your Marketing

We are all totally logical, sane, and rational consumers right?

Hahahahaha…That’s pretty funny.

That’s laughable isn’t it. Everything you purchase is certainly based on the logical need. The totally rational decision about need vs. want. The well thought out, well executed purchase.

Yeah right. Me neither.

There’s always an irrational element to our decision as a consumer. Whether you are marketing to B2C or B2B, this is pretty much universal and human nature. The truth is we like to THINK that we are these totally rational and logical buyers that think through every purchase with exacting detail.

The truth is that our irrational and emotional brain calls the shots, then our logical left brain kicks in to ONLY THEN explain the logic and justify the purchase.

So what does that mean to you as the small business owner and marketer of your product or service?


I want you to go through your current marketing and sales messages. Are you speaking to the emotional and irrational brain? Or, are you speaking to the logical brain?

Your marketing message needs to address the wants, needs, desires, hurts, frustration, and pain that you are solving for your prospect. Then leverage the emotions attached to those needs, and make a solid case logically how your product or service addresses those.

Here’s an example:

If you are in the market for drill, what are you in the market for? The fastest, best looking, and most powerful drill out there?


You are in the market to create a hole. Sounds simple I know, but many marketers and business owners forget about the desired outcome.

Marketing Tip: Sit down and look at your marketing materials and write down or highlight how many times the word “I” appears in your marketing and replace it with “You”. You will notice a difference right away. Then start defining the real reasons prospects need your product, and create a message that addresses the need not the logic…

Remember, we aren’t all that rational after all.

Go Target, Attack, and Profit!


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