One Brick At A Time

I just got back from vacation with the family and had a chance to slow down and a reflect a little. I realized that need to slow down and focus a little more on building up lead generation tactics that are working right now.

I think as business owners and entrepreneurs we have a tendency to let our ADD get ahold of us and jump from one tactic to the another.

What I started to realize is that I need to spend more time developing each marketing “tactic” before moving on to some of the others outlined in my marketing plan. I haven’t been building each “tactic” out long enough to really maximize the results.

Glad I realized the potential now…

When I coach others I see this often. They shotgun blast from marketing tactic to marketing tactic. When that doesn’t work they move on. In my case, I have some things working now and generating leads but I am not maximizing their full potential.

Time to regroup…

My advice is build your marketing system one brick at a time and make sure you have tested, tweaked, and built some measurable results before jumping off to the next “brick” in your marketing system. I know it’s hard at times, but guaranteed to maximize your results. More often than not the tactic won’t deliver the resulst you want right away. You are going to have to test and tweak. If you don’t, you aren’t building a system.

Here’s a quick exercise that I did on vacation that will help you:

1) Take out a sheet of paper and write down all of the “bricks” or marketing tactics you are leveraging right now.

2) Highlight one (1) tactic that is generating results for your business. Determine with one with 5-10 hours you could really take it to the next level.

3) Get er’ done. Spend the time on improving this one marketing tactic in your business this week.

4) Rinse and repeat. Take the next one on the list and work on that until you have improved the results.

This is a very simple exercise. I am already getting new ideas on how to focus in and improve on areas that are already working. The good news is I am not starting from scratch which is for sure leveraging my time.

If you have a tactic that isn’t working at all, you might want to re-assess the effort and determine the return on the investment of your time.

At a bare minimum, identify one key area and “amplify” it one brick at a time.

To Your Success,


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