Marketing Advice: Get Militant About Your Time!

small-business-marketing-time-managementOne of the most common constraints we all face as entrepreneurs is TIME! Let’s face it, we all have the same amount of time but some get exponentially more done than others. This year I set out to get more out of each day, and feel pretty good about the results. What I came to realize is that procrastination is my worst enemy. It chips away at your dreams and starts a vicious cycle of guilt, sabotage, and short changes your efforts as a business owner to realize your dreams…

The solution…

Wow, I wish I had one. I have made of couple of realizations. Will power isn’t enough. Time Management systems are somewhat flawed as many of them reside on your computer where used to find myself getting sucked back into my computer ending up in an endless OCD computer loop. I picked up a book written by Kevin Hogan recently called “The 168 Hour Work Week”, which in my opinion is the most simple system to get stuff done I have seen. Pick it up and read that book!

You are probably asking “How Is This Related To Small Business Marketing“….It does, trust me. Your marketing should be a system, and your system won’t work if you don’t get militant about the use of your time and actually get the tasks done consistently. A daily or weekly blog post, a daily twitter post, a newsletter, whatever it is…just get it done.

Here’s a small exercise…For one day, write down everything you accomplished today. Next go through that list and put a star next to everything that actually made you money, or was a task that will put money in your pocket in the future. I was shocked when I did this exercise.

Protect your time, take action, and watch as your leads increase and your profits grow.


Go Target, Attack, and Profit!


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