Marketing Lessons From A 9 Year Old Trick-Or-Treater

moneymanI had the opportunity of taking my youngest son Grayson (a.k.a the Werewolf), and my older son Austin (the Money Man) trick or treating for Halloween. I didn’t really expect to get a reminder in Marketing during the exercise, but hey I guess they come in all sizes. After about an hour or so standing near the curb (freezing my butt off) waiting for the candy assault on the neighborhood, I made an interesting discovery. I realized after about an hour, my older son was pulling in the mother load even though both kids had visited the same houses one after another. Curious, I asked my son what he was doing to get the extra candy, and sure enough there was a method to the process.

My son had caught on to the theory of reciprocity, and the “like” component of the “know, like, and trust” mantra of the Duct Tape Marketing system. He said, “Dad, it’s easy….when we go to the houses with all the big decorations, I compliment them on how cool they are”…Wow! I swear I didn’t teach him that one. 🙂 But better yet, there was timing involved, so he continued. “But….you have to compliment them right before they are putting their hand into the candy jar.” I might be working for my son some day, but I guess that shouldn’t freak me out too bad.

After chewing on his approach, it was a a good reminder and lesson that I think far too many business owners forget. Many times we have to give before we can receive. We get so caught up in our needs, and forget that our clients have needs too. Even a small compliment might do it. Our clients and prospects want to feel “liked” and they need to “like and trust” us to exchange their hard earned money for our product or service.

I’d say the technique worked. After counting the candy stash, my older son had about 70 more pieces than the little Werewolf which I don’t believe was an accident.

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