The One Question That Freaks You Out Most

Most small business owners I meet are extremely passionate about their products and services. As they should be…

So what question freaks most of them out?

It is the one question that many business owners avoid. They deliver the product or service as promised. The customer is extremely satisfied with the results of their experience, and they drop the ball.

Immediately following delivery the service and/or results promised, you need a method for asking your customer the one question that is guaranteed to improve your income as a result…

Here’s the question:

“Do you know any others that would benefit from my product or service?”

Yep, it’s that simple. If you can, follow-up and hand them a referral card or promotion they can immediately send out to their closest friends, family, and colleagues.

If you think about it, this strategy is simple. The cost is minimal, the return huge. You already spent the money to acquire your customer, you might as well leverage the relationship and expand on it. You are crazy if you don’t start doing this starting tomorrow.

So what is it that freaks you out about asking for the referral? What is stopping you from training your entire staff on leveraging this approach immediately following delivering the service as promised?

I guarantee you that if you just start asking, you will feel more and more comfortable. Besides, aren’t you delivering the service as promised? If so, what do you have to be afraid of.

Get busy and put this into motion now. Remember, solid marketing systems are built but adding one piece at a time and measuring the results.

To higher profits,


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