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I think itsĀ hard to deny that mobile phones are here to stay. That said, have you thought about leveraging smart phones and mobile devices to expand your local marketing reach? In this post, I am going to give you a few tips that I think will help your small business leverage mobile marketing to dominate your competition.

Did you know that “smart” phone users are 60% more likely to be making more than $100K per year? Do you want more customers for your business making more money and willing to spend more money with your business?

Um, yeah. I think I know the answer there. So where do you start?

Tip #1: The first place I would start is getting your local profiles updated online. At a minimum claim your Google Places, Bing, and Yahoo local search listings. What will happen is when mobile users are using the map feature on their phone and using the mobile web browser, they will find you on their map. BUT, you have to claim your profile.

Tip #2: Create a mobile version of your website. When mobile users are surfing the web on their smart phone, you want to make sure they can see your website. This is really straight forward to do, and will cost about $300 to convert you current website to allow mobile users to be able to view and get your contact information without massive scrolling.

Tip #3: Use text messaging. This isn’t just for the teens folks. Leverage text messaging and prompt your customers or prospects to text a specific number. You can text them offers, specials, personal messages. You name it! Get creative and leverage this technology. It’s simple, intimate, and works great for most all businesses if leveraged correctly.

Ok, that’s just a start but I think if you start adding mobile to your marketing system you will be glad you did.

If you need any help getting started, email me at

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