Content, Procrastination, and Your Results

You don’t procrastinate do you? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone…

I was listening to a great online training session last Friday about being more productive. One of the quotes that resonated with me was the statement that “It’s Not Your Fault!”. Not that I am promoting a lack of ownership here…

If you think about it, our entire environment is setup to distract us. Cell phones ringing, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text Messaging, Drop In’s…

It’s amazing that we can even get one solitary thing done in a day.

From a Marketing perspective, this is important. We can have the best strategy in the world but if we don’t actual do the work, you won’t get the results you desire for your business. As Seth Godin says, you have to “ship it”.

Here’s where we get sidetracked…And hey, I’m in the same boat.

We sit down to execute our marketing strategy and we check our email, then our phone rings, a text message comes in. Then we hop on the web to check the local news.

Oh crap, 30 minutes goes by and we beat ourselves up because we didn’t get the newsletter written. We didn’t write that thank you card to a key prospect. I will say it again, It’s not your fault!

Here are two (2) tips to get more content created for your business:

1) Block the distractions. A friend of mine Monika at DIY Home Organization turned me on to a program that will help you. Go to and check it out. It is imperative that you do this for your business. Start at 15 minutes, then expand from there. Work in bursts and build from there. You will be surprised with what you can accomplish in 30 minutes of focused and productive content creation.

2) Leverage content online for ideas to get your content flowing. Check out or Don’t copy the content, but use it to seed ideas for your audience. Blog posts, newsletter ideas etc..

You can do it! Get your focus back on providing timely content and execute your marketing strategy like you never have before.

Your biggest fan,


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