When Prospects Attack

I received an email the other day from a past client with an attachment he sent me from an “unhappy” prospect.

Go figure, an unhappy prospect! I know, I know, we should be treating all of our suspects and prospects with respect, but this went a little far and has a good lesson attached to it.

So the email goes on to say that he sent an email promotion to his list of prospects that are on his newsletter list with a “Happy Holidays” promotion and discount. This prospect actually “opted-in” to his email list.

So my client is rattled. He has on prospect out of 800+ that have emailed him saying, “Please don’t send me any more of these sales emails. I am tired of being sold to and really don’t appreciate you sending me these promotionally emails all the time”.

Obviously had a bad day, no doubt. But here’s what shocked the heck out of me next.

My client asks me, “Should I keep sending email promotions to my list, it seems like people don’t appreciate it.”

And here’s where I lost it…and my response with a different name to protect the innocent.

“Hi Bob,

This is going to come across somewhat direct. That is the way I intended it.

If you are going to let one person that had a bad day stop you from achieving your goals and dreams you should go work for someone else.

I’m serious. Sales and Marketing your products and services is an honorable job. You create jobs. You support the economy.You have 1 prospect out of 800+ tell you to stop sending “sales promotions” and you want to hand up the towel?.

Don’t quit selling. Don’t ever quit marketing. And by all means, don’t let one single person or anyone for that matter get you off track. Insulate yourself from criticism and put the headphones on and keep doing what you are doing.

Your Coach,


I bet Bob isn’t alone either. If you have a spouse, employee, friends, or families getting in your head put on the force fields.

NOTHING gets done until something is sold. NOTHING! I believe the business owner, sales person, and marketer is the most honorable job on the planet. If we don’t sell, nothing gets done.

Never stop marketing or selling. That is your number one job as a business owner.

To your success,


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