Online Advertising: Facebook vs. Adwords

As the battle for online advertising heats up, I have had several small business owners ask me if they should be using Adwords or Facebook PPC.

What should you be using of Pay Per Click?

The short answer is, it depends…

I would say that while Facebook is fairly young in terms of the PPC game, they are a very viable player. In the testing that I am doing now, I am seeing some promising results.

Here are a couple reasons I would consider Facebook ads over Adwords:

1) Less Expensive – Facebook ads are costing me less per click than my Adwords accounts that I manage for clients.

2) Laser Targeted – With Facebooks 380+ million user base, they have much deeper and more relevant demographic data than Google does. I can actually target the users age, gender, and geographic location much easier than on Adwords. With Adwords I can’t always tell by just the context of keywords that were used.

3) No Slaps – So far, I haven’t seen the same wrath that I have experienced in the path from Google. It seems to be more user friendly with less restrictions for landing page content etc..I imagine that will change over time, but so far so good.

The bottom line is that as a small business owner I would for sure give it a shot. The same principles still apply for Facebook Ads for the most part. The biggest benefit is the ability to filter your ads for the exact audience.This ultimately save money as you have a higher conversion and a lower acquisition cost than Adwords.

If you dive into the Facebook PPC system and you have questions let me know. Would love to help!



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