MarketFin Coaching Programs

One-on-One Coaching – Starts at $997/mo.

Our One-on-One coaching program is designed to give you the personalized attention you need to build a solid marketing plan, and execute that plan for your business. We are here to hold you accountable, and make sure you put your plan into action just like any good Coach.

We meet for two (2) 90 minute in-person sessions per month to work together and create your marketing plan and address your marketing issues.

Between our coaching sessions you will read the Duct Tape Marketing System materials, listen to the CDs and apply the knowledge to your business which we then review during our individual meetings twice a month. This program is great for those that need the personalized attention, and someone to help them take action to achieve their goals and dreams!

MarketFin Master’s Club – $797/mo.

Our Marketfin Master’s Club is a marketing Mastermind program that meets once a month to help its members grow their business. From strategy to tactics, we discuss what’s working now for growing your revenue. The MarketFin Master’s club is limited to 12 members. All the members are small business owners who have the desire to be “in the know” and have a strong desire to grow their business and take action fast. Our goal is SPEED and PROFIT’S. We won’t settle for less…

If you are looking for a group to challenge your goals, and hold you accountable in 2010 this might be a group for you. We are taking applications for the 2010 Marketfin Master’s club. Please email us at for more information about the program

Group Coaching – Starts at $497/mo. (4 month program)

Do you have a plan for marketing and growing your business in 2010? Regardless of the economic conditions, your business needs a solid marketing plan and execution strategy to thrive. There are real customers spending money in your industry, my question is are you going to sit idle or are you going to build your business.

Our group coaching program is a 4 month program. We go in depth into building a solid marketing strategy for your business. You will have the opportunity to work with other small business owners in different industries. We will meet twice a month in a format that includes online seminars, workshops, and group discussions.

After 4 months you will have a solid marketing plan with both strategy and tactics to leverage your brand, your existing customers, and the Internet to grow your business in any economy.

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  • "...very informative Social Media workshop. It will help me not waste time and leverage Social Media for my business."
    Pam Martin, A. Martin & Co.
  • "Matt has helped us achieve and maintain a #1 Google ranking for our market. The result has been more leads for our business."
    Rob Racz, Everett Real Estate
  • "..Great overview of Social Networking for a novice."
    Margy Bresslour, Moving Messages